Utility Of Sling TV Service

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sling tv"Sling TV is a TV service that enables the subscribers to watch live TV channels on their TV sets without a cable subscription. It’s a streaming service like Dish network but is transmitted over the internet. It is comparatively cheaper than other TV services and is available only to the United States’ people. To run this app, you’ll require a good internet connection and an adaptable device which replaces a cable used in dish network and connects to your TV. You can also use this app on your pc, laptop and smart phone. Unlike satellites or cables, you can activate or deactivate this service whenever required without any penalty.


Sling TV provides a variety of live streaming of TV channels. There are two base packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange. It has some additional features as discussed below:

Full HD streaming: In full HD, you’ll enjoy clear and sharp images till you have a good internet connection. The quality of the image deteriorates only if there is a problem in the internet connection like with other satellite services. Full HD 1080 streaming is available in this service.

Flexible Channel Lineup: This feature enables flexibility in the channel lineup. It means you need not to buy an expensive base package with 100+ channels. If you intend to watch a few channels then you can go for small base packages which are affordable. Later on, you can add more according to the requirement.

On-demand channels: Sling TV provides on-demand library which offers on-demand content. Suppose you have missed any show and you wish to watch it then you can find it in this library. Apart from it, on-demand library contains all the past and current episodes of any specific channel you wish to add on.

Available on other devices: You can avail sling TV service on any device that has Wi-Fi and you can watch your favorite channels anywhere. Various devices include cell phone, computer, smart TVs, tablet and many more. Some other popular options are Xbox One, Chrome cast, Apple TV etc.