Have Mark Hurd Speak at Your Next Seminar or Conference

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Few have had as much success within the tech world as Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. You frequently hear about such people as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, two people who helped to take their company from its roots all the way to the top of the technological world, but rarely do you find an executive who took over two different corporations that were struggling to re-create themselves like Mark Hurd has.

When Hurd took over as CEO at Hewlett-Packard the company was in deep financial straits. There was some talk that the tech giant and may even go under, but under the guidance and vision of Hurd, the company changed drastically and by the time, he left to take over at Oracle Hewlett-Packard was back among the leaders in computer hardware.

Now, at Oracle he has taken another company and moved it to becoming one of the five leaders in the technological world. Oracle has grown to incredible heights because of his insights and wisdom and could find themselves as the leader in hardware and software design.

This is the kind of person that businesses and organizations could learn an incredible knowledge from, and the opportunity is available to have Mark Hurd, and speaking at your conference or seminar so you can learn how to create and implement a vision so that you can have incredible success. If you click for more info, you can learn how to bring Mark Hurd to your organization to teach the insights and ideas so that you can advance to a level you may not have imagined before.

Turning an organization into a giant or getting it out of the troubles that it may be encountering takes vision and excellence at all levels. If you are looking how to reach that level of excellence than there is no one better to come and speak to your company than Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.